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by far the best goat cheese made in Sweden

— Sabis Ostrummet, Fältöversten

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absolutely world class!

— Sébastien Boudet

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excellent cheese

— Forbes

Our Cheeses

The making of good cheese begins with the health of our goats and their constant access to fresh, nutritious pasture. Still warm from the udder, their fresh milk is immediately carried to our cheese kitchen, where it is turned into raw milk cheeses in traditional wooden cheese vats and fire-heated copper kettles.

Our cheeses are available at select restaurants on the island, Wisby Ost, our farm shop, and in Stockholm at Sabis Ostrummet and Urban Deli.

Our Story

Some would call us crazy. We (Magnus & Annelie) are environmental scientists who dumped our careers to make cheese, tend to the land, and hop around in mud puddles with our two children.

In August 2020, we imported ourselves and a small flock goats and sheep to the beautiful island of Gotland. The friendly ladies now provide us with rich and delicious milk for our artisan cheeses and confections. To increase biodiversity on our farm, and to build soil health and sequester more carbon than we are emitting, we are applying regenerative farming practices and initiated a regenerative farming network on Gotland together with the Swedish Agricultural University.

You can find us in Mästerby Ajmunds 616, Gotlands Tofta.

Kangaroo Sanctuary

In November 2021, we set up Sweden's first Macropod sanctuary. Four Red-Necked Wallabies are currently in our care. 

For free information on medicine, first aid, caring & feeding orphaned joeys - click the "get help" button.