The making of good cheese begins with the health of our animals and their constant access to fresh, nutritious pasture. Still warm from the udder, the fresh goat and sheep milk is used immediately for cheesemaking: Our creamy soft cheeses are made in our Tina – a traditional wooden cheese vat. Our alpine and grilled cheeses are made in a traditional fire-heated copper kettle. For some of our cheeses, we add fresh cow’s milk from Mölner Gård.

Starting April, our KRAV certified organic mozzarella, grilled cheese (stuffed and plain) and various soft cheeses (young and aged) will be available at restaurants on the island, Wisby Ost, and at our farm shop. For more information and to pre-order, please send us an email

If you want to get your teeth into one of our alpine cheeses: We plan to build an earth cellar this summer to affinage the little bastards. It’s going to take a few months, but then! THEN!!!

Our Story

We are a small family farm. Our friendly Anglo Nubian goats and East Friesian sheep provide us with rich and delicious milk for our artesian cheeses and confections. We are certified organic, and apply regenerative farming practices to increase biodiversity, build soil health, and sequester more carbon than we are emitting.

You can find us in Mästerby Ajmunds 616, Gotlands Tofta.


We imported pure-bred Anglo Nubian dairy goats and pure-bred East Frisian dairy sheep from Germany. All are from high-yielding milk lines with a documented production of up to 5kg/day. We’re registered with Elitlamm and the British Goat Society.

Breeding Stock Sale 2021
Gotland Creamery