Breeding Rams & Bucks for Sale




All our animals are certified free of Maedi-Visna / CAE for over 10 years (please note that Gård & Djurhälsan accepts the German certificates for Maedi-Visna and CAE, but will only issue a Swedish certificate after our animals have been tested here in Sweden. This can happen no earlier than end of August 2021, one month after the last doe has given birth).

Our herd is also free of para-TB, pseudo-TB (caseous lymphadenitis), TSE (Scrapie), Border Disease, and there have been no cases of foot-rot, Brucellosis, or Chlamydophilia abortis. They are tested for intestinal parasites several times a year. Email us for copies of health certificates.




We imported pure-bred East Frisian sheep of highly productive milk lines from an award-winning breeder in Germany. These sheep are registered with the Schafzüchtervereinigung Nordrhein Westfalen. Those and all following generations are registered with ElitLamm.

We imported pure-bred Anglo Nubian goats of highly productive milk lines from Germany. These goats are registered with the Landesverband Bayrischer Ziegenzüchter. All following generations will be registered with the British Goat Society.


Why Anglo Nubian goats instead of Swedish Landras goats? "Det har exempelvis visats att mjölk från Nubiska getter innehåller höga TS- halter (fett 4,4 %, protein 3,9 % varav kasein 3,5 %), vilket ger ett högre ostutbyte (10 L mjölk → 2,7kg ost), jämfört med Alpin getter som har ett lägre innehåll av fett (2,8 %), protein (2,5 %) varav kasein (2,2 %), och ger 1,7 kg ost från 10 liter mjölk (Soryal et al., 2005). För att producera 1 kg ost från svenska mjölkgetter behövs ungefär 12 liter mjölk (Lipage, 2010), vilket delvis kan förklaras av mjölkens sammansättning (ungefär 3 % fett, 2,8 % protein och 4,2 % laktos). Svenska mjölkgetter och Alpine getter har liknande TS-innehåll i mjölken, men skillnader i ostutbyte mellan de två raserna kan bland annat bero på mjölkens proteinsammansättning (Park et al., 2007)." Source


To enquire about a breeding ram/buck, please contact us via email.

We ask for 10.000SEK for our pure-bred East Frisian rams and 12.000SEK for our pure-bred Anglo Nubian bucks, plus VAT. The buyer will receive an invoice for a non-refundable 25% deposit. The remainder is due on the day the breeding ram/buck is picked up. The order in which we receive deposits is the order of choice of ram/buck lambs. If we cannot supply your lamb to you (for example because of death or illness), we will refund your deposit.