How to make fresh Mozzarella


1kg of fresh mozzarella curds2 large mixing bowls, water — cold and hot, knife, wooden spoon or spatula, thermometer, sea salt, and rubber gloves (optional)

      1. Fill a bowl with cool tap water and add sea salt to make a saturated brine. You'd need at least 26 grams of salt for each litre of water. 
      2. Now take your mozzarella curds out of the fridge or freezer. Cut them into cubes of approximately 2-3cm and toss them into a mixing bowl. 
      3. Once your curd has reached room temperature (test it by sticking a finger into a large chunk of curd - if the inside is still cold, let it warm up for a few minutes longer), add two cups of cool tap water to temper the curds. Gently mix for a few seconds.
      4. Boil water (2 litres for each kilo of curds). If you have sensitive hands, pull on a pair of powder-free latex gloves or unused dishwashing gloves.
      5. Carefully pour the hot water onto the sides of the bowl until the curds are just covered. Let them sit for about 5 minutes or so, then start stirring (not mashing, not kneading - just stirring!). Once the curds are all clumped together, add more of the hot water.
      6. Using your wooden spoon, fold the curds together in the middle, drawing them into one mass. Keep them submerged while you work. There's no need to rush. Go slow and don't squeeze the curds too much, else your mozzarella will get dry and rubbery. 
      7. Use one hand to grab the mass of melty curds under the hot water, and with your other hand, pull a chunk of the curds up and away. You should now be able to stretch it out as long as your arm allows, but you don't need to go all the way. Just give it a nice stretch of about 30 to 50 cm, then bring it back down into the water fold all the curds into one clump. Repeat this once or twice until the mass is smooth and silky. For a juicy mozz, don't over-work the curds. If you did, however, you can still turn your melty curds into scamorza, for example.
      8. Now, pull roughly two handfuls of cheese mass toward you and out of the water, and bunch it like you would roll and bunch up a pair of socks. Don't use muscle, here! Be as gentle as possible, else you squeeze out too much moisture and your mozz turns into rubber.
      9. Smooth the mozzarella ball over with one hand while holding it in the other. Then pinch off the bottom and place your mozzarella into saturated brine. Keep it in there for 2-3min, then eat it right away. Enjoy 😋

Congrats to making your own mozzarella cheese! And here's how to store your mozz.