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For a minimum donation of 500SEK per year - for yourself or as a gift. If you wish to give more to support our kangaroo sanctuary, please do.

Why are we running a kangaroo sanctuary?

We have a long background in wildlife rescue and can't say no when an animal needs our help. While we took care of our first orphaned wallaby joey, we realised that exotic wildlife does not enjoy the same legal protection as native wildlife, and there's virtually no expert knowledge on medicine and therapy of kangaroos and wallabies in Sweden.

That's when we decided to network with Australian wildlife hospitals, vets, sanctuaries, and rescuers to compile essential knowledge on the care and rehabilitation of kangaroos and wallabies with compromised health. It then came naturally to build a place those wallabies can call home, be it temporarily until they have recovered, or permanently if we can't find a good home for them. We are not wallaby breeders, nor do we put our wallabies on public display.

What's included in your adoption?

  • A digital, sharable Adoption Certificate making your foster parent-hood official!
  • Social Media Starter Pack with videos and photos which you can use to share the news about becoming a wallaby foster parent
  • Quarterly email updates about your foster wallaby
  • Updated Social Media Share Pack with new photos and videos of your foster wallaby on a quarterly basis

What does your donation cover?

  • Veterinary costs
  • Maintenance and extension of the kangaroo sanctuary
  • Winter feed such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, carrots, sweet potatoes, meadow hay, and alfalfa pellets

Who's currently in our care?

Houdini. She's an adult Red-Necked Wallaby female from a zoo. She was kindly donated to us as company for an orphaned wallaby in our care. Houdini is the boss of our small mob.

Oliver. He's an adult Red-Necked wallaby male from a zoo. He's been living alone for months, and needed a mob of wallabies to call home, so we happily adopted him.

Floh. Young Red-Necked Wallaby male, and Houdini's son. He was in Houdini's pouch when she came to us. Floh could go to a new home starting February/March 2023, when he's one and a half years old, and entirely independent from his mother. If we can't find a good home for Floh, he needs to be castrated before his mom's next oestrus in August 2023. The costs are approximately 4.000SEK.

The new baby. This little one was still an embryo when Houdini was given to us, because wallabies pause pregnancies when they still have a joey in their pouch. He took the first tentative peek at the outside world in January at the age of approximately 5 months.